I’m Intrigued by Pinterest!


Greetings Everyone,

Aside from the incredible addiction that I have incurred of Pinterest, I have to state that this site is magnificent! You can plan your WHOLE wedding from this one site because there is a plethora of details, websites, and resources that are included on this site (especially for a Bride on a Budget)! In addition to using Pinterest as a source for creating your special day, please also consider using/researching the following websites (the first is wonderful for creating a 2/3-D floorplan, the second is Wedding Wire, the third is wonderful for creating a Wedding Website and Wedding Board, and the fourth is Wedding Recycle-wonderful for buying/selling wedding items). Happy Planning!

Bride on a Budget

All Seated (A wonderful resource to create 2/3-D floorplans)

Wedding Wire (A wonderful resource to review potential vendors/their portfolio)

MyWedding.com (This resource can be used to create a Wedding Vision Board)

Wedding Recycle (A wonderful resource for discounted wedding items)


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