I enjoy planning events (I also enjoy helping others to plan their own event)! The most exciting part is actually doing the research and meeting other individuals/vendors that also have a vested interest in meeting a couples’ expectation of a blissful wedded day.

Networking with other like-minded individuals (many of those I met while planning my own wedding) allowed me to connect with those that were most helpful while meeting my wedding budget ($3,000.00, I did go over by 900.00 for miscellaneous items). In planning my own wedding, I have found that it is possible to have a beautiful (my wedding theme was “Simple but Elegant”) yet budget-sensitive wedding and honeymoon.

My desire and purpose for this blog is for you to obtain some information, helpful resources, or advice to have a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful marriage. I look forward to sharing my wedding planning experiences (as well as wedding day) and information with you, as I hope you will do the same. Welcome to Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Nothing Due: Bride on a Budget!

Bride on a Budget


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