Peachy Keen Vendors’ Meet and Greet: March 16, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

I had a wonderful time during the Peachy Keen Vendors’ Meet and Greet on Thursday, March 16th!

I met and chatted with wonderful vendors (Kassia from Mary Kay,  two vendors from The English Garden, two cake vendors, Sande of Delightfully Different Ceremonies, and The Style Expert Brittany), from the Raleigh-Durham area and also shopped (while shipping on vino).

Peachy Keen will host a Summer Solstice Soiree on this Saturday, June 24th from 12- 4 pm, please click this link to find out more details about the event!

Location: 250 Grande Heights Drive Cary, NC 27513

I do not benefit in any way by promoting this event!

Felicia (Bride on a Budget)


Peachy Keen (Stylist/Attire):

Kassia (Mary Kay):

The English Garden (Flowers):

Sande (Delightfully Different Ceremonies):

Brittany (The Style Expert): 

Plan to Wed at Castle McCullough: Bridal Show, Sunday, July 9th!


Greetings Everyone!

To follow up on my blog from May 1, 2017, I’m sharing a few of the pictures that I took at Castle McCullough during my visit on Tuesday, March 14, 2017!

You are invited to Castle McCullough’s ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Married Bridal Show’! Sunday, July 9, 2017, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT). Castle McCullough’s address is 3925 Kivett Drive Jamestown, NC 27282


I do not benefit in any way by promoting this event!

You can register for or find out more information regarding the event at this link.

Felicia (Bride on a Budget)


You’re Invited to Eat, Drink, and Be Married Bridal Show at Castle McCulloch


Greetings! This is a wonderful bridal show event (it’s a Castle Venue)! If the weather is nice on tomorrow, this is the perfect time to visit. If time permits, make reservations at Southern Roots Restuarant before or after the event! Stay tuned for pictures from my visit on Tuesday, March 14, 2017! Happy Planning!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

Castle McCulloch, Inc.
3925 Kivett Drive
Jamestown, NC 27282

Take Advantage Of The Online Price: Use Promo Code: CASTLE for a free ticket.

Be Sure To RSVP For This Extraordinary Bridal Show As Spaces Fill Quickly! So Register Now To Secure Your Spot!

Guests Of All Ages Are Welcome!

  • Guest Admission Is $15.00.
  • Guest Tickets Are Sold At The Door The Day Of The Show!
  • Bride Tickets Will Be $10.00 At The Door The Day Of The Show.

*Giveaways Are For The Brides Only. Tickets Sold Online & On This Site Are Also For The Bride Only.

Eat, Drink, and Be Married!


Plan to Design Your Event On AllSeated!
Bride on a Budget AllSeated!



A wedding or vision board is a wonderful resource to brainstorm a wedding theme. However, it can be challenging to imagine how your wedding theme will physically look until you actually “see it”. Well, I have wonderful news for YOU! You can actually experience a “working visual” of your ceremony and reception floor plans on the AllSeated website!

Below are examples of floor plans from a recent wedding that I coordinated. The AllSeated software is free and user-friendly. In addition, the AllSeated website provides several tutorials that can assist you or your Wedding Planner as you build your floor plans and create your guest list.

AllSeated Floor Plan


AllSeated Floor Plan

I absolutely LOVE this software, it provides a 3-D version of your floor plans! I believe this software is a wonderful way to effectively communicate what both you and your Wedding Planner discuss.

We establish “wedding themes” to convey a general idea of our vision for our special day, however, an actual visual conveys that meaning (or at least comes close). When you have the opportunity visit the AllSeated website to see what it has to offer you.

In addition, I have been trained on how to use the software and can provide a demo or reports on how AllSeated can make the planning process easier in planning your special day! Please contact me with any questions that you may have regarding AllSeated. I receive no proceeds by promoting AllSeated in this blog post.

Felicia, Bridge on a Budget


Congrats Nysheria and Arthur! #SnowInLove11417


It’s a family affair because Nysheria and Arthur are #SnowInLove11417!

Nysheria and Arthur’s special day was met with love from family and friends!


From beginning to end family and friends (as well as the Embassy Suites staff) stepped in to help when and where they could. You could feel the love and positive vibes during the rehearsal, and especially on Nysheria and Arthur’s special day.

The wedding planning details went without a hitch, given that the Bride and Groom planned their North Carolina wedding while in New York. They trusted me with the details and followed my advice to show up, relax and enjoy their special day!

The week prior to the wedding, North Carolina received snow. However, the week/day of the wedding the weather was chilly, bringing the Bride and Groom’s Winter Wonderland wedding theme to fruition.

In addition to the weather and the atmosphere the venue provided, the Groom’s sister created a beautiful candy display. The display was so beautiful the guests didn’t want to touch it, however, they huddled around the display, took pictures (during the cocktail hour and reception) and discussed the design in amazement. After the wedding cake was served, guests helped themselves to the candy display.


Following an intimate wedding ceremony, the guests were escorted to cocktail hour and serenaded by Eryn Jones Fuson (the harpist). Shortly after, they were escorted into the reception hall where they searched for their designated Winter Wonderland table theme.

After the guests were seated, the Wedding Party danced their way into the reception hall. The highlight, of course, was the Bride and Groom’s entrance to “Bring Em Out” by T.I! This most certainly got the party vibe started off right! The DJ kept everyone on the dancefloor throughout the night!

Nysheria and Arthur are such a beautiful and loving couple! I wish them much peace, love, and happiness as they continue to grow in love together! They are #SnowInLove11417

Felicia (Bride on a Budget)

Venue: Embassy Suites Brier Creek

Caterer: Embassy Suites Brier Creek

Officiant: Pastor Ashley Carter

Photographer: Esther Hicks Photography  

Nysheria and Arthur’s Slide Show

Harpist (Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Entertainment): Eryn Jones Fuson

DJ: DJ Rem.e

MC: Johnny Famous

Hair and Makeup: Petra Clemmons and Shatara Jennette

Cake Designer: Brenda Brown-Infinite Cakes

Candy Display Table: SimplyChante #simplychante

Florist: Sam’s Club

Photobooth: Holland Rent-All and Party City

Day of Coordination: Bride on a Budget

Happy First-Year Anniversary Brit and Derez!


WOW!!! It sure doesn’t seem like it has been a year since you became husband and wife! However, it is true!


Although you may have endured a few growing pains since your nuptials (most couples do), the most important factor is that you endured them together! Facing your growing pains or challenges over the past year has not only helped you to grow in love as a couple, it has also made you a better individual and teammates (#STRONGERTEAM)!


I don’t know if you remembered my words of inspiration during the toast, however, I told you (as shared by one of my friends) that “it” (the marriage, your relationship) will work if you work it! I have to tell you that I’m proud of both of you because YOU ARE WORKING IT (quite nicely)! None of us are perfect, therefore, all we can do is what we can do. I believe that if the two of you continue to communicate and love each other to the best of your abilities, you will be just fine!

2015_12_31_brittany_derez_wedding_reception-161 2015_12_31_brittany_derez_wedding_reception-312

2015_12_31_brittany_derez_wedding_reception-1 2015_12_31_brittany_derez_wedding_reception-11

I wish you much happiness, success, love, and peace as you continue to grow in love together! #TeamJones #EstablishedDecember31,2015 #HappyNewYearJoneses!


Felicia (Bride on a Budget)

Yolanda’s Freedom Celebration! With this ring, I me Wed!


Yolanda has such a beautiful soul! We joined her in celebrating a Recommitment Celebration, with a small number of family members and close friends on Saturday, December 17th, 2016.


During the celebration, we recommitted ourselves to ourselves by reading Soul Vows and symbolizing that recommitment with a ring. In addition, we all wrote down a vice that we did not want to carry into 2017; then we burned it with a candle right after the Commitment Ceremony.

fc2 fc15731130_10209669123018211_789031476_n

The evening ended with each individual creating their own vision board, to remind us of our goals and potential (throughout the new year)!





Tune into your Freedom Celebration playlist as needed! I wish you much success in your New Beginnings, Yolanda! Peace and blessings!


Felicia (Bride on a Budget)



The 100th Big Fake Wedding: Congrats Julie and Bobbie!


Julie and Bobbie are such a wonderful couple! They renewed their Wedding Vows at the 100th Big Fake Wedding. This event was a major milestone for both Julie and Bobbie (as they celebrated their 8th year Anniversary) and the Big Fake Wedding (as we celebrated our 100th wedding)!


15357050_10209445233701118_1275567318_n 15356982_10209443792945100_734537394_n

15327601_10209444980614791_1481093946_n 15319556_10209445275542164_421935947_n

The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative, where the Bride-and-Groom-to-be are the guests, they are also provided an opportunity to see each vendor in action during this event (please view the Vendor Guide).

15356975_10209445004135379_324569430_n 15356082_10209445352224081_1897508234_n 15327805_10209445282222331_589302816_n 15320484_10209445443466362_772564915_n 15320427_10209445009175505_1854894168_n 15310286_10209445015695668_855323922_n 15310220_10209444929333509_824773163_n 15310204_10209445004055377_273228494_n 15300609_10209445385344909_1414578182_n 15282084_10209445275582165_674260029_n 15281177_10209445385384910_350949727_n 15281084_10209445282142329_1244649879_n 15280930_10209444929293508_1964391781_n

This event began with a vow renewal followed by light bites, drinks, dancing and a “Send-Off” for the bridal couple. From the beginning to the end of the event guests are welcome to visit and speak with Vendors.




15320310_10209445385424911_848553953_n 15328289_10209444959614266_1150007403_n 15320507_10209445381624816_174623918_n 15355964_10209445381544814_1819548025_n 15356979_10209445381584815_1855134266_n


15328284_10209445188539989_705293286_n15328179_10209445228100978_1424789432_n15320499_10209443745063903_1951606664_n15320484_10209445364304383_483218177_n15320266_10209445015655667_1137411184_n15319527_10209445340983800_912733713_n 15319363_10209443830226032_2003436035_n15319343_10209445361384310_1845820570_n 15310518_10209445364264382_1486555098_n15310654_10209445178659742_1524102550_n 15310568_10209445178699743_69368889_n15310404_10209443735223657_1829438733_n 15310394_10209443735263658_1226753816_n 15300679_10209443792865098_158826554_n15281885_10209445228060977_441930302_n 15281857_10209445364344384_1397457816_n15281828_10209443792905099_1252129686_n 15281131_10209443745023902_1371179772_n15280980_10209443830186031_424165679_n15280962_10209445341063802_1428591327_n15356029_10209444959654267_2009290177_n 15356014_10209444959694268_297310412_n15355885_10209445009215506_880585875_n15328259_10209445361304308_246358372_n15320499_10209443830266033_909440782_n15310302_10209444926213431_1528981352_n 15310286_10209445015695668_855323922_n15301086_10209444926173430_431303923_n15282047_10209445361344309_118755500_n 15281984_10209445009135504_1959013300_n 15281964_10209444929253507_1015490007_n15281069_10209445188579990_346476963_n14971857_10209444926253432_544352134_n

We hope that you will consider joining us for one of our future Big Fake Wedding events! Please feel free to view the events calendar for upcoming events (you are more than welcome to use the discount code XOXO91 for $10 off Raleigh, NC, and Charleston, SC events). Happy New Year!


Felicia (Bride on a Budget)


The Big Fake Wedding Raleigh November 2016 Wedding Vendor Guide

Congrats Daijah and Brandon! #FallForTheDavises’


Congrats Daijah and Brandon! You are such a beautiful couple, even more so on your Special Day (Friday, October 7th, 2016)!


The venue, All Saints Chapel, provided an intimate, yet vibrant scene. The Bride and Groom read their vows to one another, SO romantic!

img_3521 img_3523 img_3524


img_3539 img_3538img_3535img_3533 img_3532 img_3531





Although we experienced rain throughout the evening, it did not overshadow Daijah and Brandon’s Special Day and the romantic interlude that exists between them, neither did it interrupt the planned activities of the evening.


Daijah amazed Brandon in her beautiful gown during the “First Look”!

The ceremony started promptly at 6 pm, as one of the brother’s of the bride captivated the guests with ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ on his clarinet during the Prelude, the DJ played ‘All of me’ during the Processional and ‘Beautiful Surprise’ for the Bridal March. The couple selected wonderful Neo-Soul music that engaged their guests from the beginning to the end of the ceremony!

img_6356 img_6354

Following the ceremony, guests were provided the opportunity to mix and mingle and take “Selfies” by the Wedding Wall.

img_6404img_6412-1 img_6411-1img_3528img_3526

The guests were then able to wine, dine, and celebrate Daijah and Brandon’s union during the reception!


Congrats Daijah and Brandon, #FallForTheDavises’! I wish you much marital success and happiness as you continue to grow in love together!

Felicia (Bride on a Budget)

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: All Saints Chapel

Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

Bartender: Rocky Top Catering

Photographer: Casha Dees Photography (Blog photos, with the exception of the last photo, provided by Diane of All Saints Chapel and Felicia of Bride on a Budget)

DJ: DJ Fly- Omari Nesbitt

Cake/Cupcake Designer: Gigi’s Cupcakes Cameron Village

Dress Alterations: Shanghai Tailors

Hair and Makeup: Taji Salon– Marissa Bagley;  Makeup Artist- Annie Gray Buedel

Florist: Katherine Hoke

Table Linen: CE Rentals

Wedding Wall: CE Rentals

Day of Coordinator: Bride on a Budget