Live Streaming Your Wedding! (Virtual/Augmented/360 Video)

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Are you interested in a method that provides you and your Groom-to-be to “virtually” engage friends and family members that are unable to “physically” attend your special day?

There is a solution! Virtual or augmented (360) video can provide a means for you to invite guests that are unable to travel. Integrating the 360 video could also be cost-effective, given that you can invite as many guests as you like without being concerned about the cost of meals and favors. Additionally, the 360 video can be viewed by you and your love several times (i.e. milestone videos or just because), creating a nostalgic feeling.

Just recently, AllSeated provided a means for wedding planning with their virtual reality tool. The Knot also provides goggles, so that guests can feel as if they are right there with you celebrating your special day.

While planning your event, please consider using 360 video!

I do not receive any proceeds for promoting AllSeated and TheKnot’s googles/virtual reality services.

Please enjoy the videos below regarding virtual/augmented/360 video.

Happy Planning!

Felicia (Bride on a Budget)


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