The Knot’s 2015 Stats: The Least Popular Time of the Year to Get Married!

Greetings Everyone,

Okay, my blog title is NOT the actual title on Kopf’s (2016) article! However, that is the information I was most interested in researching as I read the article!


The least popular months to marry are just after Christmas and just before Spring (December 26th-March 7th, to be exact), the numbers spike just a little between those time frames but there is no significant spike.

The week of the 4th of July was also found to be the least popular week during the Summer to marry. Another interesting factor that I noticed in Kopf’s article, regarding the Southern States (i.e. North and South Carolina), is that July and August are the least popular months to marry.

What can we do with this information? PLAN AN INEXPENSIVE WEDDING, of course! Wedding costs will be significantly lower during the least popular months compared to those that are popular/holidays.


During your wedding planning phase please consider one of the least popular months to have your blissful wedded day (in addition to narrowing your planning phase 6-9 months, the longer you have to plan, the chances are you will spend more).

I hope that you are enjoying your summer! Happy Planning (on a budget, that is)!

Bride on a Budget (Felicia)


Kopf, D. (2016). What’s the most popular time of year to get married? Retrieved from


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