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A wedding or vision board is a wonderful resource to brainstorm a wedding theme. However, it can be challenging to imagine how your wedding theme will physically look until you actually “see it”. Well, I have wonderful news for YOU! You can actually experience a “working visual” of your ceremony and reception floor plans on the AllSeated website!

Below are examples of floor plans from a recent wedding that I coordinated. The AllSeated software is free and user-friendly. In addition, the AllSeated website provides several tutorials that can assist you or your Wedding Planner as you build your floor plans and create your guest list.

AllSeated Floor Plan


AllSeated Floor Plan

I absolutely LOVE this software, it provides a 3-D version of your floor plans! I believe this software is a wonderful way to effectively communicate what both you and your Wedding Planner discuss.

We establish “wedding themes” to convey a general idea of our vision for our special day, however, an actual visual conveys that meaning (or at least comes close). When you have the opportunity visit the AllSeated website to see what it has to offer you.

In addition, I have been trained on how to use the software and can provide a demo or reports on how AllSeated can make the planning process easier in planning your special day! Please contact me with any questions that you may have regarding AllSeated. I receive no proceeds by promoting AllSeated in this blog post.

Felicia, Bridge on a Budget



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