The Wedding Planner Blueprint


Planning your wedding should be one of the best and easiest ventures of your life (learning to effectively communicate with one another and growing in love together should be the only expected challenges in your marriage)! So why are you stressing about where to start first with wedding planning, spending an unjustly amount of money for a couple of hours, and not having a clear understanding of how you are going to plan out every single detail of your special day with a method of checking the details twice!? Your first step, after saying YES to your Boo, should be to create your Wedding Website. Most often you brainstorm ideas/strategies, especially when they can be life changing (i.e. buying a home, continuing education, starting a family), why shouldn’t you do the same while planning a wedding (especially, when there is a budget involve, I hope there is a budget involved 🙂


Creating a Wedding Website not only helps you to brainstorm the most crucial details of your special day, it also allows you to keep tabs on what still needs to be done, how many days are still left until your special day arrives, and resources that can help you during the planning process. If you are clueless on where to start with your Wedding Website there are several templates and Wedding Website examples that you can view. No one knows you better than YOU, therefore, it is best to brainstorm how you envision your special day to be.  Creating your Wedding Website should be one of the first steps in your wedding planning process (even if you hire a Wedding Planner). Below, you will find a list of free Wedding Websites (the first being my favorite, a few may have limited resources, however, they all are wonderful in helping you to brainstorm/plan your special day and most importantly, keep your guests “in the know”). What is your favorite your Wedding Website/what Wedding Website are you currently using to plan your wedding/inform your guests?



My Wedding (this website is WONDERFUL, you can even create a Vision Board!)

Our Wedding Day (I created our Wedding Website on this site)

Wedding Wire (My “go-to” site for vendor inquiries)

The Knot (By far one of the most popular resources for creating Wedding Websites)



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