The Stockroom at 230

Toast16 Toast17 Toast1Toast2

I had the pleasure of attending the Toast & Taste at The Stockroom on Thursday, January 28th! I really appreciated the ambiance of the venue, the professionalism and courtesy of the vendors, and the two various times to visit (11:30 am or 6 pm).


The Stockroom is located in the downtown area of Raleigh, NC (near the intersection of Martin and Fayetteville Street). After viewing the Stockroom, meeting a few of the vendors (Mikkel Paige is a GEM), and enjoying Chef TJ’s Famous Shrimp & Grits, I took the elevator to “Da Fif Flo” (the Martin fans will understand!). I met a few more vendors in the Glass Box (a quaint venue space that provides a skyline view of downtown Raleigh). While there I also enjoyed listening to Eryn Jones Fuson on the harp; the surrounding view along with the beautiful music provided a relaxed atmosphere. Here’s to a wonderful visit at The Stockroom at 230 and the Glass Box!


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