Congrats Shannon and George!


Shannon and George were wedded at the DACOR Bacon House on Saturday, December 19, 2015, in Washington, DC at 5 pm in the evening. The wedding was so beautiful and serene! When we first walked in we were greeted by the DACOR Bacon staff (we were told where the sitting/waiting and restroom areas were; upstairs on the right for the ladies and upstairs on the left for the men). The mood was dainty, I felt comfortable (like I was at home/visiting a close friend’s home), the sentiment I believe that both Shannon and George wanted their guests to feel.


We LOVE historical anything, therefore, this beautiful venue had us intrigued from the minute we walked in the door! After we greeted the family of the groom, we made our way to the ceremony room. Just before entering the ceremony area, we stopped to sign Shannon and George’s guestbook (check it out below, you gotta LOVE IT)! Shannon and George appreciate museums/artwork, therefore, they blended the venue  with the existing Holiday cheer/decorations to create their wedding theme (I LOVED everything about the venue and theme)!




The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! I appreciated how the program incorporated an activity for the little ones during the ceremony and the engagement/vibrancy of the officiant!



After the ceremony, everyone gathered downstairs for cocktail hour. While the DJ played hip-shaking music, everyone conversed and helped themselves to beverages and appetizers. We returned to the ceremony area (that was converted into the reception area; the DACOR Bacon staff did a wonderful job flipping the room within a 30-45 minute timeframe).



The meal was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy their conversations with each other (we met a few of Shannon’s family and friends and reunited with George’s family and friends). After we ate a delicious dinner, dessert was served (two wonderful cake flavors) along with coffee (if the guests so choose). After this time, Shannon and George returned downstairs for their first dance (where they both looked absolutely wonderful and happy)! Once again, I would like to say congrats to both Shannon and George, here’s wishing you both wedded bliss! Peace and blessings!


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