Casting Brides for New Docu-Series!

Here Comes the Brides Flyer 9.16 JPEG
I was thrilled to receive the following information because it provides a budget-savvy way to save for your wedding! If you are interested in casting (as a bride) for a new show please view the information below, visit the following link (, or view the above attachment.
Bride on a Budget
Our company Maverick TV produces the show “Chrisley Knows Best” on USA Network.
Right now, our company is casting a brand new TV documentary series about BRIDESgetting married next year, for a major cable network. We’re exploring the topic of “JOINT WEDDINGS”. We’re looking for 2 couples willing to get married at the same time on the same day – that know each other very well (best friends, siblings, relatives, co-workers, mother/daughter, cousins) and decide to share the day together. If you are open to this idea, we would love to talk to you!
We believe that combining forces AND budgets, brides will have a bigger, better wedding. Our show will also enhance your wedding day with certain details – with a minimum of $10,000 used for the wedding from our team to make it extra spectacular and memorable. This will be an over the top, incredible event! 
We’re casting the show only for a few more weeks and setting up Skype interviews for brides who are interested in participating. You wouldn’t need to commit to the show just yet, we’re just hosting interviews to get to know some wonderful brides and explore this idea!
I’d love to hear back from you! I’m reachable here through email and by phone: Tel:424.732.6312. If interested, write me back and let me know who you’d like to share the day with!  Our casting flyer is attached with more information.

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